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Crosse Dimensions





US Lacrosse recommends that coaches assess players’ size, strength, and skill in determining proper long crosse length for defense players, within NFHS rules. US Lacrosse further recommends that a long crosse should not be taller than the player at any youth level. Crosse dimensions will conform to NFHS or NCAA requirements, with the following modifications:

U9 Age Level

The length of all crosses for all field players shall be 37 to 42 inches.

U11 Age Level 

The length of the crosse for field players may be 37 to 42 inches or 47 to 52 ("long crosse" for purposes of NFHS RULE 2 SECTION 1 ARTICLE 2). Many coaches find that the use of a 37 to 42 inch crosse is best for defensive player development in the U11 Division.

U13 Age Level

Short crosse (Midfield, Attack) 40" - 42"
U13 only: 
Three long sticks, each measuring up to 60" (including stick head & shaft) "Tiger Pole",

U15 Age Level
Short crosse (Midfield, Attack) 40" - 42"
Long crosse (Defense) 52" - 72
Goalie 40' - 72"